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What do I offer

Private Readings

In a private reading, I invite your loved ones in the spirit world to join me. Where you both have the opportunity to share a special time together, bringing evidence of their survival after passing to the spirit world.

During their communication to you they firstly want to clearly identify themselves to you, giving information about e.g. their personality, unique attributes, aspects or experiences, individual information or shared memories. Then it is often also very important for them to give you a message, e.g. their advice to a current situation, encouragement for things coming-up, expression of love, pride or saying that they are sorry.

What can I expect from a private reading?

It may be an emotional experience, where you may feel the presence of your loved ones through the evidence and message given in the sitting. Although your loved ones are usually eager to communicate to you, it cannot be guaranteed who will link with me during the sitting, it is their free will to come to communicate during this sitting.

Fortune telling is not the purpose of a private reading.

What will I have to do?

Come with an open mind which allows your friends and family in the spirit world the opportunity to communicate with you. I will explain the process of the reading prior to starting.


An assessment is where I look at your potential to develop your psychic/mediumistic abilities. Where guidance would be given in the best way forward for you in this area. I also look at your life, and present situation and see where you can move forward from your present situation. This type of reading is all about yourself and there is no contact from your loved ones in the Spirit World.

The details:

A private reading or an assessement usually lasts about 60 minutes and are by appointment only.

CHF 200,- you can pay via Paypal or direct in my practice

You can choose between 2 ways of the reading:

1. Telephone sitting

2. Skype sitting

If you live in Switzerland you also can come for a private reading at my practice

at Gommiswald in Switzerland.


Healing is where I connect with the Spirit World, and use this connection to bring the healing energy from the Spirit World. The healing energy is for every type of illness and condition, physical, mental and emotional. I do not heal, I am simply the instrument that the Spirit World use for the healing process. There is no guarantee that your condition can be cured, but there is always a positive effect after your healing session.

What can I expect from a healing?

You may feel the healing energy as the practice is taking place. And this is an individual experience, as everyone observes the healing process differently, from feeling very warm, or cold, to being aware of movements within the area where the condition is.

What will I have to do?

Come with an open mind, and relax. And enjoy the experience.

The details:

A healing session usually lasts about 45 minutes and are by appointment only.

CHF 150,- you can pay via Paypal or direct in my practice

You can choose between 2 ways of healing:

1. In my office

2. Distance Healing